How to Get Private School Teaching Job?

Are you looking for a private teaching job for yourself? Getting teaching job positions, not to mention private school teaching tasks is no slice of pie: there’s bureaucracy, a high level of competitors, and high standards for getting accepted. I’m going to stroll you through some ideas and guidelines for getting accepted into the world of teaching.


Getting a teaching job-a difficult task?

What they don’t tell you in school is how difficult it is to get a teaching job from a tuition agency. We were informed, on numerous events that 2007 was the year to obtain a job, because many instructors were anticipated to retire. Retire, they did not. With this unpredictable economy, many teachers were sitting tight, even beyond their retirement age. This movement pressed brand new instructors out and compelled excited start instructors out of promised promotions. Many instructors with limited or no formal teaching experience were pressed into on call positions, with these on call position lasting a minimum of 5 years before being guaranteed full-time teaching positions.

Not long after I finished from my teaching program, I began the strenuous job of applying to various school boards. I probably composed 50 cover letters, anticipating to obtain numerous job position offers. Out of the lots of school boards I applied to, two of them got back to me and asked me to interview (I didn’t land either of the interviews). One school board called me when I was on holiday (in the summertime) and asked me to come for an interview 2 days later. They chose not to reschedule the interview (I could not get back in time), so I never got a possibility to obtain into that district. I didn’t get employed for any school district, not because I mishandled, however because there were a restricted variety of areas for TOCs (Teachers on Call) and hundreds of applicants and literally no full-time or part-time positions (unless you speak and teach well-versed French).

Independent school employment-the option?

So after looking for a teaching job from Might to August, I still had no job. My spouse and I had simply transferred to the city and neither people had job positions (I still do not how someone agreed to rent us a house, with no no source of income). One idea that I had not yet checked out was checking out teaching tasks in private schools. I had actually originally resisted the urge to obtain private school teaching jobs since I thought that independent school were too snobby and entitled for me. I wished to change the world and it seemed to me that independent school teaching was not the place for radical change. Little did I know that I didn’t have much of a choice of job positions nor did I know that my viewpoint of private school teaching was dead wrong.

Private school teaching positions-they do exist!

After combing through the web for private school teaching job positions, I managed to discover a private Christian school, in the city that had a part-time independent school teaching position offered, even though it was September and school had currently started. I requested the position and was asked to come in for an interview. Now thankfully, I did my instructor training at a Christian Liberal Arts University and I was experienceded in speaking and browsing through the Christian language. (This private school had an open policy, meaning you did not need to be a believer in order to teach there and to send your children there). I also understood how to compose and articulate my approach of Christian teaching. I was pleasantly surprised to find the personnel and administration of this school to be very down to earth and extremely friendly. The school’s philosophy was very broad, non-judgemental and usually accepting of everyone.

Another factor that was on my side was my experience of international teaching and my linguistics training. I taught English in Seoul, South Korea, the year prior to I did my last instructor training. Typically private schools host a great deal of worldwide students and having instructors with extra ESL training and comprehending just helps to get your name pressed to the top of the stack.